Sep 27 2011

Diggin History #83 Morgan Dollar dig!


1892 S Morgan Silver DollarI tell ya, I get so inspired and motivated when I see successful metal detecting videos! It’s been a dream of mine to find one of two things. A. A Morgan Dollar and B. a gold coin. I’ve gotten close with a Barber Half Dollar, but never landed the silver Morgan Dollar.. yet. But I’ll keep trying. Seeing people still finding them gives me hope that my Morgan Dollar is still waiting in the ground somewhere for me.

Anyway, enough of me, I came across this great recover video where a guy finds a great 1892 S Morgan Dollar along with a few other great coins. Watch and enjoy! The video was originally posted by TreasureFiend:

Here is a break down of the keeper coins he found:

1892 S Morgan Silver Dollar
1881 Indian head penny
1915 Wheat Cent
1916 Wheat Cent
1941 Wheat Cent
1920 Buffalo Nickel

I was also excited to see that he found these coins with a Minelab SE Pro, the same detector I’ve been using over the last few years. A great detector!

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