Dec 26 2010

DetectorBase is now a blog!


Hello All, it’s been a long time since I posted. I’ve been mulling over if I should do this change, and I finally decided to do it. will now be a blog. The forum is no more due to significant activity. If I get some more response and traffic, I *may* bring it back. For now, I transferred all previous articles as blog entries so those stories (and comments) will not be lost.

Since this is a blog, I would still like to include guest posts as often as possible. If you have any metal detecting stories or tips / how-tos please contact me and I’ll get it up on the site. This is a great opportunity to promote your own metal detecting site or metal detecting club.

Thanks everyone!

Feb 11 2007

DetectorBase One Month Anniversary!


Today signifies our first month milestone! The response to DetectorBase has been outstanding. We’ve received multiple emails letting us know that the community has spoke, and the community is happy! We plan on improving and working the site and feel that our launch was a complete success, and are extremely excited about the future.

For this site to continue being a success we need your help. You can definitely help us in multiple ways.

One. Please help spread the word of the site. Everyday we’re getting more and more visitors, but need more to help create a community where we can generate open discussions within articles and the forum. If you’ve read an interesting article here, use the “email story” link, located at the bottom of the article, to send it to a friend, or post the link in a forum letting others know about that great article. Also, if you have a website, please add a link to us on your detecting resource section or page.

Two. Speaking of the forum, we’re in need of members. We know that we’ve added another forum to the large bucket of Metal Detecting forums out there, but we feel that we’re offering an excellent resource along with our forums. Visitors will be able to read interesting user experience stories and how-to articles and have an easy time jumping to the forum, and vice versa. So please visit the DetectorBase forum and sign up today!

Finally, we need stories! Our long term goal is to have a new article a few times a week (possibly daily). Currently, we’re adding a single article a week. We’d love to hear about everyone’s experience and help share these experiences with others. The goal is to inspire and educate all metal detecting hobbyists and we can’t do it without your stories!

People sometimes will say to me, “I don’t have any spectacular finds”, or “I’m a newb, definitely not a pro”. I say, “so what”! The point is to take experiences from all levels of metal detecting, covering all fields of the hobby. I want to hear about stories of the first Wheatie you found, to the first silver you found, and the first cache you found. All these stories can help inspire other detectorists. That Wheatie story could definitely inspire that person that just bought a detector and that’s what they’re wishing they’ll find, etc! Each story might have a clue or ‘setting’ that none of us knew about. That story might have a great research tip that leads to your first “great” find.

We’re also looking for the “interesting”. Did you have a particular hunt that stood out from the rest? If so, why? This hunt might have stood out, but had nothing to do with the quality or quantity of finds.

I also wanted to mention that we’re giving away a brand new VibraProbe 560 Pinpoint metal detector (list price is $120.00) through our article submission contest. Once the contest receives 30 submissions (that’s it, 30 is hardly anything!), we’ll announce the winner. The winner will have their story set as the feature for one month and receive the pinpoint probe. Now, talk about an easy way to get a piece of detecting equipment. Just fill out the submission form with your entry. Even if you have one, it’s nice to have a backup, or give it away to your detecting buddy, or sell it!

We hope to hear from you!!! And thanks for stopping by.


Jan 15 2007

Welcome to!


We would like to welcome everyone to the official launch of! Our primary goal is to provide article rich content to the metal detecting community written by the experienced hunters. We want to provide veteran experiences and how-to’s to the novice, and to inspire all to become more productive and successful with their hunting.

There are many metal detecting sites on the internet and we hope to break away from the pack by providing great up to date content. Along with content, we want to include community inner activity. All visitors will be able to rate and comment on articles.

Staying current with what’s going on the site is a snap with our RSS syndication feed. Want to include a piece of to your personal web site or blog? This can be done with our content widget!

As the site grows we will be implementing new features and sections, but wanted to start with what’s important, the stories. And to do this, we need your help. We need your how-to’s and experiences. Right now, we’re offering a submissions contest, where the winner will receive a brand new Vibraprobe 560 pinpoint metal detector (list price of $119.95)!!!! Winner will also have their article set as the feature for a full month. You can get more information by visiting the article submission site. We will be offering more contests and give giveaways, so check back often!

We’ve already mentioned that we’re promoting community inner activity, so along those lines, we’ve added a forum and user submission areas. We encourage all users to post events, clubs and club news to our site.

We’re all extremely excited about the site, and welcome you to come on the ride!!