Aug 4 2007

Guest Post: El Talisman (A true story)


It had been about 9 months since my mother died when my sister called. She wanted me to go over to her house and look at some of mom’s belongings and to decide what I wanted for me. Shortly after I arrived she showed me mom’s jewelry box with a lot of items in it.

There were some beautiful rings and a lot of other stuff, pennies, old pins, pictures etc. While browsing through the box I noticed some big coin on the bottom.

“What is that?” I asked.

It was about the size of a dollar coin, kind of a silverish color, and had weird signs on it. I could see a triangle, a star and some wiggly lines, but no date. My sister did not know what it was and neither did I. I picked it up and looked at it.

“Do you want it?” my sister asked.
“Yea I guess so, maybe I can find out what it is.”

Went back to the house later and looked at the “coin” more carefully now. It had ridges like a coin but it was not a coin. Some of the signs on the coin were stars and what looked like small suns. Slowly it dawned on me what it was. I remembered seeing the commercial in Mexican TV channels. It was called “El Talisman” and it was supposed to be some kind of good luck charm and was meant to bring you riches and good fortune, a scam to get money from unsuspecting people. Mother had probably sent for it through the mail. Mom had been bedridden for years due to the effects of rheumatoid arthritis on her joints. She could hardly move but was a whiz with the remote control. Most likely when she received it, it was thrown in the box for safekeeping. I took the coin and for no particular reason put it in the cup container of my pick up.

Weeks went by and one day this buddy of mine called asking if I wanted to go detecting. Sure let’s go, I said. I picked him up and we decided to go to a school playground in a nearby town that we had not visited in years. We knew the playground was closed and locked but the plan was to find someone to give us permission to get in. When we got there we found the head custodian. My buddy went inside to ask permission, he’s good at getting permission, and when he got back he had big smile on his face.

“Let’s go!! We got permission”

The playground is about one and a half acres big, lots of ground for lost clad to be found. When I parked my pickup I noticed the talisman in the cup holder. I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. Once inside my buddy and I split up each going to one end of the play area. We had both been going at it for about an hour and I had almost nothing to show for it, two quarters and a dime. Wondering how my buddy was doing, I slowly worked my way towards him. When we crossed paths I asked “How’s it going?”

His response blew me over.
“Fantastic!! Already got me a silver ring, about 20 quarters and lots of dimes! Gonna be a good day!”

I could not believe he was doing so well, especially since we were using the same model detector, a RS2200, and we were hunting the same field. He didn’t ask how my day was and I did not volunteer any info. I worked my way back with the same results, hardly anything. I then remembered the talisman in my pocket. Supposedly the commercial said all one had to do was rub the coin and ask it for anything and the wish would be granted. Why not?? Let me give it a try. I reached in my pant pocket and felt for the coin. Rubbing it I said “Talisman, if you are genuine let me find lots of clad,” or words to that effect. Two steps later and as if on cue I found a couple of quarters together. Then the coins started to come in, quarters, dimes in pairs, lots of pennies. I even started to dig the low tones and started to find lots of nickels. I could now feel the weight of the coins in my pocket and but I was starting to get uneasy with each find. The more I found the more uneasy I felt. Was this so called talisman really working?? Was it for real?? Was I getting myself into some kind of evil pact with an unknown force? “Just my imagination” I tried to convince myself.

I kept going for another hour or so and the coins kept coming. I started to work my way back to my buddy to tell him we needed to leave. I wanted to go. I felt I needed to get out of there. Then I thought, I know how I can find out if this is real. Reaching inside my pocket, I found the talisman and this time I said “Talisman if you are really real you will find for me a gold ring. Find me one and I will believe.” Anyone that has detected before knows how hard it is to find a gold ring out in the field-almost impossible with all the pull tabs. Another 45 minutes later and no ring, I started to feel better about my clad finds. “All in my head” I thought.

Then my buddy called out and said “I think we should go. Just let me make one small round here and let’s get us something to drink.”

OK by me. I already had a bunch of coins and felt tired. So I walked over to a nearby ash tree to get some shade and wait for him dragging my detector as I went. When I got under the tree I got a low pull tab/nickel tone.

“Just another pull tab”, I thought and slowly started to dig it out. On the second prodding of the lesche, out popped a GOLD RING!! I felt my eyes widen and my jaw drop!! Oh my God!! It is true!!

I was still gawking at my find when Art gets there. “What did you find??” He saw the ring and congratulated me. “All right!! We can go now”

I never said anything to Art about the talisman or what I thought had been happening. I was feeling very nervous and had this weird uneasy feeling inside. Now don’t get me wrong. I am no bible thumping churchgoer but I do believe in God, do go to church and do believe there are evil forces out there. I knew what I had to do. As we were on our way home I reached inside my pant pocket, pulled out the talisman, and threw it out the window into some high brush by the road.

I sent the gold ring along with other gold finds to a refinery to get assayed. Since then I have found lots of other gold rings and lots of clad and that incident has become a memory only. The Talisman??— Well as far as I know it is still there by the roadside under some brush waiting for someone else to find it. Was it really real? Was it really evil? Did that Talisman really allow me to find the clad and the gold ring? I ask myself those questions still and come up with the same answer—I don’t want to know!!

Author: Pedro Rodriguez

Jul 27 2007

Guest Post: The Leak


I noticed the small puddle of water at the edge of the patio. I ignored it hoping it was just an accumulation of drizzle from the last week. I knew that if it was a leak I would have to reroute the water line which ran under the patio. Slowly but surely the puddle started to get bigger. Rats!! I would have to reroute the line.

It wasn’t till about 3 weeks later on a Sunday morning that I decided to fix the leak. Taking my time I carefully dug a trench around the perimeter of the patio for the laying of the pipe. Didn’t have to dig too deep since the frost line here is only about 3″ but still it was a lot of dirt to move. After I had finished digging the trench I stood there and noticed the pile of dirt that had been displaced. I remember thinking “maybe there are some old coins there”. With that premise in mind I got my Garrett 250 and started to scan the loose dirt. Not to my surprise pennies started to come out of the dirt. Memorials seemed to be the coin of the day.

I carefully worked my way along the trench and when I got to the end I got a nickel tone. Low tone. Hmmm, wonder if that is a nickel. Pushing the topsoil out I checked again. Still there. Couldn’t see anything yet but all of a sudden I saw the circular shape of an object. Thinking it was just a stainless steel nut I grabbed it an pushed the dirt out of the center. Lo and behold, a gold ring!!!

I ran to the kitchen sink to rinse it off and get a better look. Sure enough it was a gold ring. Was it my father’s? Maybe it belonged to mom or maybe it had just been there in the ground for over a hundred years just waiting for me to find it. After I cleaned it up I called to my wife to show her my incredible find.

“Look what I found!!” She looked at it and then her eyes got wide open. “It’s mine!! I lost that ring over 20 years ago! I still remember losing it . Tammy (our daughter who is 26 years old now) was about 2 or 3 and I was emptying the mop bucket out back. After that I noticed the ring was not on my finger anymore. I searched for it all over but never found it. I never told you because I knew you would get mad and you never asked.”

She then just slipped it on, a perfect fit still, gave me the one she had bought to replace it and went about her merry way. She still wears it. I was just in a daze for a few days. What were the odds of my finding it, much less digging where it was!! Incredible.

Author: Pedro Rodriguez

May 8 2007

Guest Post: Ice Cream Cone Reward


When I was living and working in Avenel N.J. I hunted the beaches south of Sandy Hook every weekend for the entire summer. One day when the wind was really blowing, there were only a couple people on the beach. I was detecting near the dunes. I had a pocket full of clad coins when I noticed a very old woman with 2 little girls about 30 yards or so that seemed like they were having trouble. I worked my way closer and saw that the little girls were crying and the lady was very upset and in tears. I walked over to them and asked what was wrong. The lady acted scared of me. She thought that I was there to harm them. After I calmed her down she imparted this story to me.

The 2 little ones were her great granddaughters, and she was just brought them to the beach for the day. She laid her blanket down and took off her $1400 diamond ring and her very expensive 24″ gold necklace that her departed husband bought her in 1940. She put them down on the blanket and covered them with a towel. Then she walked into the water with one of the girls, leaving the other little one at the blanket. She was in the water for a few minutes. Upon returning to the blanket the jewelry was gone..

The one girl shook of the sand from the blanket and the articles went flying. They were looking for them when I saw her from the distance. I told her what I was doing and would look for them for her. I was searching about 15 or 20 feet away from them when I turned around and they were packing up to leave. Then BINGO I got a great signal and there they were. The ring was tangled up in the necklace. I grabbed them and walked over to them and said, ARE THESE THEM?

She and the little girls screamed with joy and started crying even more. She offered me a nice reward but I turned it down. I told her to buy the little ones a Ice Cream Cone and don’t punish the girl. Then the girls quit crying and started laughing. All 3 of them hugged me and then they started for their car and I went on my merry detecting way. That was one of my very best days in this hobby. The Ice Cream Treat for the little girls was the best reward I could have ever hoped for.

Author: boobieinPa
boobieinPa is an extremely knowledgeable and encouraging detecting hobbyist who has made some great finds throughout the years. Along with metal detecting, he is a moderator at TreasureQuestXLT Forums. I’ve found him to be extremely helpfull and is a great addition to the hobby.

Jan 21 2007

Guest Post: Mission #5: Last Chance


It takes a loving wife to put up with a man. We always seem to be the cause of some innocent mishap. Josh’s situation was no different. He had already lost his first wedding ring while net fishing. His better half managed to forgive and forget that one, but how would she handle number two?

Josh was one month from finishing up an internship at a petro-chemical company in Texas City when he felt the urge to do some net fishing, one of his many hobbies. Josh is not the kind of guy to make the same mistake twice, so when he got down to the water’s edge behind the dike, he slipped off his ring and dropped it into his back pocket. He fished a few different areas and went home. When he remembered his ring, he searched in his pocket and found nothing but a hole in the bottom, big enough for a ring to fall through. How was his wife going to handle this one?

After a few weeks of considering his options, he was getting desperate for help and time was not on his side. After his last internship meeting on August 15th, he would be driving back home to Atlanta and wouldn’t be returning. Josh’s desperation drove him to creativity and he posted his cry-for-help on a few popular metal detecting forums, even including a reward of one-hundred dollars.

On Sunday August 13th, two days before Josh would be leaving the state indefinitely, Mr. Schreckengost, a member here at dirtjournal, saw one of Josh’s posts and fowarded it to me knowing that I was close by. Of course, my schedule is wide-open at the moment so I was happy to give it a shot. Today was the only opportunity that we could meet so it was all or nothing. In a few hours, he would be leaving for Atlanta and we wouldn’t be getting a second chance.

I met Josh in Texas City at 2 PM and we drove across the dike to his fishing spot. Upon arrival, he couldn’t believe what he saw…

Heavy machinery had been moving earth around where he had been fishing, and possibly where he had lost the ring. Fortunately, they hadn’t yet progressed to the area where he had put the ring in his pocket, the area where it most likely fell out. He showed me where he took the ring off at the waters edge (which was now mud) and where he had walked and where he thought it might be.

I loaded my custom Coin & Jewelry program and began to search, carefully scanning every inch of sweepable area. I wasn’t going to take any chances so I dug targets down to an inch-and-a-half in case it had been stepped on and pushed into the ground. I checked and rechecked the small six-foot by four-foot strip of tall grass where he had taken the ring off. I dug some trash items but no ring. After becoming somewhat comfortable that it wasn’t there, I walked back up the narrow path that was littered with large scraps of metal debris and surrounded by waist-high, jewelry-devouring weeds. I was really hoping the ring hadn’t taken the plunge there, or we would have little hope of finding it.

I scraped a tick from my ankle after climbing the narrow path and worked my way around a large bush (pictured above), checking the depth on every non-ferrous target. The grass here was thick and about ankle-high so I was certain it wouldn’t be buried, even after a month. I dug a few targets anyway, just in case. The sweat was now steadily dripping from my face and I was becoming more concerned that this was a lost cause. I was getting closer and closer to the dirt-line which would be useless to search beyond. The dirt had been pushed around so much that it could have easily been a foot deep, assuming it hadn’t been scraped away.

Five feet from the edge of the dirt line, I got another pull-tab hit (+28/+30) but this one pinpointed very small and very shallow. I pushed the grass out of the way with my foot and saw the glint of white gold.

After we were able to shake off the intial excitement of recovery, we talked for twenty minutes about detecting. It’s something he would really like to get into and I gave him a general idea of what to expect. I pointed him in the direction of the forum so hopefully we’ll hear from him soon!

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Author: Tim Herschbach
I’m relatively new to metal detecting. It’s always been something I wanted to do but the cost has always been the issue. My first detector was a cheap garage sale machine that I played around with in the front yard a few times when I was 13 or 14. It was good at finding large chunks of pot metal. Yay for me. However, this past June, I went with my parents to Colorado for a week of vacation. For some reason we started looking for a metal detector store because it sounded like fun. Dad had always had his eye open for a metal detector but being the stingy goat that he is :D, he would never actually buy one. Well, a u-turn and an impressive sales pitch later, and we were driving away with a new White’s E-Series DFX. I know I couldn’t wait to get it running. Dad was still wondering how he had been talked into it.