DetectorBase.com was created to bring a community based (Web2.0) element to the metal detecting world. This site was created by fans for fans of metal detecting. All the participants involved with the site are avid metal detectorists with many years of experience.

There is so much information that is on the web, but often this information is updated rarely, so you find yourself bookmarking many sites. We wanted to bring alot of community generated content. Bring detectorists here so they can share their articles of tips or experiences, and provide a venue where users can come and learn on a regular basis.

Articles are the “bread and butter” of the site and want to make sure that stays as the shining focal point of the site, but to do this we are looking to you. If you have an idea of an article, take a few moments and submit it to us. We are planning on putting together additional contests to generate article submissions, so keep an eye out for when the happen, you could win some great detecting gear.If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesistate to contact us!

Thank you for stopping by!