Featured Metal Detecting Item: Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 10" Coil


Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 10" Coil

I would like to submit this Featured Metal Detecting Item: Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 10" Coil

Here is the official product description:
<p>Go anywhere, do anything, with the all-weather target ID machine that’s leak proof to 250 feet deep, the Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver metal detector. Its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water, plus, it offers three tones to identify varying types of metal with faint-target audio boost.</p>
<p>Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector Controls</p>
<p>* POWER ON/OFF VOLUME: Dual Function potentiometer switch. Volume settings above "5" amplifyfaint, deep target sounds and limit loud target responses.</p>
<p>* SENS/BATTERY TEST: Dual Function potentiometer and switch.</p>
<p>* GROUND: TWIN LED’s: Two light emitting diodes indicate signal strength and battery condition.</p>
<p>* PINPOINT: Dual function pushbutton for pinpointing and ground balancing when used in conjuctionwith GROUND control.</p>
<p>Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector Features</p>
<p>* Submersible to 250 feet</p>
<p>* Dual frequency Fourier Domain signal analysis</p>
<p>* Silent search, VLF, slow motion discrimination</p>
<p>* Wide scan, all-metal autotune mode</p>
<p>* Pushbutton, VCO no motion, precise pinpointing</p>
<p> * Turn-on-and-go, pre set controls</p>
<p>* Big target alert</p>
<p>* Wet sand operation</p>
<p>* Faint target audio boost</p>
<p>* Pushbutton ground balance</p>
<p>* Increased depth in mineralized soil</p>
<p>* Seperately sealed battery compartment</p>
<p>* Removable control housing for belt mount</p>
<p>* Full 2 Year Warranty</p>

At the time of this posting, you can pick up the Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 10" Coil for $1,160.00 at Amazon!

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