Featured Metal Detecting Item: NEW Outlaw XLT Pro Metal Detector Waterproof Coil


NEW Outlaw XLT Pro Metal Detector Waterproof Coil

Featured Metal Detecting Item: NEW Outlaw XLT Pro Metal Detector Waterproof Coil

Here is the official product description:
With the Outlaw XLT Pro metal detector you’ll join the ranks of the treasure finders, NOT the treasure hunters! With this metal detector you’ll find this hobby both enjoyable and rewarding because its sleek, comfortable, easy-to-use design, is combined with innovative high-tech features that allow you to efficiently discover treasures and valuables.
This high quality metal detector has all the features you’ll ever need in a metal detector. The open array search coil helps you easily pinpoint your target. The 9-3/4" diameter waterproof search coil is fully submersible which allows you to detect lost or hidden valuables almost anywhere, even in shallow water!
The Outlaw XLT Pro utilizes the VLF (Very-Low-Frequency) detection circuit, which allows it to easily discriminate between valuable treasure and worthless trash like bottle caps without even digging them up! The built-in search meter, speaker, and earphones (included) give you two-tone audio and visual alerts that tell you what you’ve found. You can even tune out unwanted items if you are searching for something specific.
This metal detector also has an automatic ground balance, which eliminates interference from minerals in the ground. Ground balancing is by far the most difficult task for most people to master, and this metal detector does it for you! Just set the ground balancing control once, and the circuitry will keep the ground balance in check with no need to re-zero it. That way, you’ll spend less time fussing with controls and more time pocketing your rewards!

This metal detector is so sensitive, it can detect objects as small as a dime at a depth of over 15 cm! Larger objects create a stronger signal and can be detected at even greater depths.
The Outlaw XLT Pro is truly a professional-grade metal detector that is comfortable, rugged, and easy to use. What more could you ask for!

At the time of this posting, you can pick up the NEW Outlaw XLT Pro Metal Detector Waterproof Coil for $69.95 at Amazon!

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