Featured Metal Detecting Item: Minelab Safari Metal Detector with 11" Coil


Minelab Safari Metal Detector with 11" Coil

I would like to submit this Featured Metal Detecting Item: Minelab Safari Metal Detector with 11" Coil

Here is the official product description:
<p>Ground Compensating Circuitry Safari uses advanced digital filtering to eliminate the influence the ground signals, automatically. Experience easy, seamless detecting whatever the field conditions!</p>
<p>FBS Technology: Enter the world of Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology with Safari. 28 Frequencies bombarding the ground with signals ranging from to 100kHz!</p>
<p>Minelab Safari Metal Detector offers Minelab’s lowest price for a TRUE 28 frequency detector! Ultra-lightweight 11" Double D waterproof coil combines high performance, great depth and sharp pinpointing.</p>
<p> Four pre-programmed Detection Modes – Coin; Coin/Jewelry; Relic and All Programmable user modes. Linear -10 to +40 discrimination scale. Accept/Reject functionality. Fully Automatic and manual sensitivity control Options. Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators for accurate detection. Trash Density – High ensures fewer false signals experienced in typical coin and relic environments,Low is ideal for clean sites.Threshold adjustment level on a 0-40 scale.</p>
<p>Target Volume Adjust – adapts target signal volume to suit user preference. <p>Noise Cancel – automatically selects the quietest, most stable channel for detecting.</p>
<p>Menu Interface – Intuitive menu structure for fast and easy access and adjustment. Clear view target depth gauge; Target ID number; Target Icon (in Coin and Coin/Jewelry Modes); Mode indicators and Graphic Identification Bar showing active discrimination pattern. LCD screen, 64 x 128 pixel with adjustable contrast settings. Long lower shaft as standard allowing extra extension for user comfort. Robust, well balanced design for comfortable detecting over longer periods.</p>

At the time of this posting, you can pick up the Minelab Safari Metal Detector with 11" Coil for $998.95 at Amazon!

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