Featured Metal Detecting Item: Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector


Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector

I would like to submit this Featured Metal Detecting Item: Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector

Here is the official product description:
<p>The Tesoro Tiger Shark uses microprocessor technology to create a true multi function land and underwater metal detector. In the normal mode the unit works like any other Tesoro metal detector. On land the Tesoro Tiger Shark can be used for coin & relic hunting as well as gold prospecting. The Tesoro Tiger Shark shines as a water detector in fresh and wet salt areas, making it one of the most versatile detectors available. It is fully waterproof to 200 feet and is equipped with four controls on the outside, to fine tune your detector to handle whatever conditions you are working in.</p>
<p>* Search Coil Size: 8 Inch.</p>
<p>* Search Coil Type: Round Open Center.</p>
<p>* Weight: Weight less than 4.5 pounds (even lighter when hip mounted)</p>
<p>* Batteries: Uses 8 AA batteries (included).</p>
<p>* Battery Life: 10-20 hours (at preset).</p>
<p>* Silent search or adjustable audio threshold tone detection</p>
<p>* Drop in battery design (No leads to break).</p>
<p>* Micro-processor controlled.</p> <p>* Waterproof to 200 feet.</p>
<p>* Two mounting positions on pole (for balance) and hip mountable
3-piece breakdown pole. Great for transport or storage.</p>
<p>* Removable center pole for diving (no extra diver’s pole to buy).</p>
<p>* Battery test switch.</p>
<p>* Operating Frequency 12.5 kHz.</p> <p>* Interchangeable search coils (standard with 8 inch) optional coils are 7" round, 10" round</p>

At the time of this posting, you can pick up the Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector for $636.65 at Amazon!

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