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Metal Detecting Tips - Metal Detecting Secrets For those of you just starting in metal detecting, even for the experienced hunters out there, searching and learning about new and old metal detecting tips is invaluable. Often times metal detecting is a solo activity, and depending on your area, finding peers to help improve your technique can be tough. We are left searching the web for metal detecting tips, how-to metal detect videos and possibly a friend in a forum to help with some suggestions, or the at least provide some inspiration.

I also think for the experienced hunter out there, it’s important to get back to basics. It’s easy to get arrogant and think you know it all, and it’s some time nice to reminded to take things slow and to look at things with a new perspective. That’s why we still search for knowledge.. along with treasure.

Here is a great metal detecting tip – the program at! Cody Smith at has put together a great package with vital metal detecting information that will surely help the novice to experienced metal detector enthusiast out there. For only $37 you get a access to videos, metal detecting eBook, metal detecting secrets research rolodex and newsletter updates. Seriously.. for only $37, it’s worth a shot!

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