Guest Post: Alabama bound


I thank my wife for purchasing my Lone Star Metal Detector last Fathers Day for me. It has sat idly for most of the last year due to the amount of snow we get here in Colorado. In preparation for my third deployment to Iraq, I went on leave from mid June to mid July of this year (2008). Alabama has been home to my family for years and in the back of my mind I have always wanted to detect a particular section of my Families woods. Years ago, while deer hunting, I noticed some bricks in the middle of the woods where there shouldn’t have been anything. I took my dormant Metal detector with me this time to Alabama and on day two I went to the old brick spot.

Right away I was getting beeps like crazy. I readjusted the sensitivity and Auto Notched the settings. I began to dig everything that beeped and was instantly rewarded with multiple prizes. I found over the next week, 2 old forged hoes, 1 shovel handle, half of an old watch, 2 metal bike seats, 1 metal tire ( I assumed was from an old baby buggy), 9 bullets, 2 of which I have matched with civil war era military bullets, multiple mason jar lids, a shovel head, part of an old plow and many other unidentified pieces of metal.

I may not get rich from my finds, but they helped to paint a picture of what life was like 100 years ago in the area. I had the greatest time doing this and have since returned to Fort Carson, Colorado, where I have found over 100 coins in the last week.

Thanks for reading and good luck to you all.

SSG James Blake

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