Jul 27 2007

Guest Post: The Leak


I noticed the small puddle of water at the edge of the patio. I ignored it hoping it was just an accumulation of drizzle from the last week. I knew that if it was a leak I would have to reroute the water line which ran under the patio. Slowly but surely the puddle started to get bigger. Rats!! I would have to reroute the line.

It wasn’t till about 3 weeks later on a Sunday morning that I decided to fix the leak. Taking my time I carefully dug a trench around the perimeter of the patio for the laying of the pipe. Didn’t have to dig too deep since the frost line here is only about 3″ but still it was a lot of dirt to move. After I had finished digging the trench I stood there and noticed the pile of dirt that had been displaced. I remember thinking “maybe there are some old coins there”. With that premise in mind I got my Garrett 250 and started to scan the loose dirt. Not to my surprise pennies started to come out of the dirt. Memorials seemed to be the coin of the day.

I carefully worked my way along the trench and when I got to the end I got a nickel tone. Low tone. Hmmm, wonder if that is a nickel. Pushing the topsoil out I checked again. Still there. Couldn’t see anything yet but all of a sudden I saw the circular shape of an object. Thinking it was just a stainless steel nut I grabbed it an pushed the dirt out of the center. Lo and behold, a gold ring!!!

I ran to the kitchen sink to rinse it off and get a better look. Sure enough it was a gold ring. Was it my father’s? Maybe it belonged to mom or maybe it had just been there in the ground for over a hundred years just waiting for me to find it. After I cleaned it up I called to my wife to show her my incredible find.

“Look what I found!!” She looked at it and then her eyes got wide open. “It’s mine!! I lost that ring over 20 years ago! I still remember losing it . Tammy (our daughter who is 26 years old now) was about 2 or 3 and I was emptying the mop bucket out back. After that I noticed the ring was not on my finger anymore. I searched for it all over but never found it. I never told you because I knew you would get mad and you never asked.”

She then just slipped it on, a perfect fit still, gave me the one she had bought to replace it and went about her merry way. She still wears it. I was just in a daze for a few days. What were the odds of my finding it, much less digging where it was!! Incredible.

Author: Pedro Rodriguez