Guest Post: Good Medicine


A few months ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Now after surgery to remove my kidney, I found myself laid up in bed recuperating for at least a month. This was driving me nuts! All I could do was ease my way to the bathroom and surf the web. I must have Google’d every topic I could think of and then some. Two weeks of lying there was really working on me. Too much time to think about the “what if”.

Anyway I searched for detectors one day and I was hooked. I had watched someone swing a big heavy metal cased detector many years before and it had always fascinated me. I ordered a Garret Ace 250 and figured it would come in about the time I was getting up and about. To my surprise it came within three days and I sat in bed with the ace spread out everywhere.

Well I couldn’t stand it any longer. I dressed and made my way to the back yard. It felt great to be outside in the sunshine and just knowing that my wife wasn’t around to get on to me made it even sweeter. (She had gone to the office.) I wasn’t supposed to pick up over ten pounds, so I took it real easy. The Ace is a gem, it was easy to setup and use and within moments I was hitting targets all over my back yard. Needless to say I couldn’t bend over to dig any of my new found treasures, but it was a joy just to get out and swing; even if it was very short time.

Within days I had regained much of my strength and was able to walk around with less discomfort. I couldn’t wait to go back into the yard, so I took my Ace and trowl and claimed my treasures. Mostly pennies but fun none the less. I’ve pretty well recovered now and I’m planning a camping trip with my family. You can bet I will be bringing my now two detectors with us. Detecting gave me the needed desire and exercise I needed to help me heal.

I hope to be detecting for a long time and when I hit the big one I’ll drop you a line.


Author: Jeff Cambre

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  • DetectorBase Says:

    Absolutely inspirational story. Thanks for contributing. Good luck with your health and metal detecting adventures. Please keep us posted!!!


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