Guest Post: Show off your finds! Simple tips for better pictures.


Well there is nothing better than finding that elusive ring, old coin, civil war bullet or roman coin. Whatever you are after it’s almost as fun to share what you have found! As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s true but mostly when we try to get that picture out in the real world it just doesn’t come out as you would like.

There are several ways to capture your finds; one is by using a scanner (which is a great way but usually only coins or other flat objects can be displayed). This method is great but you tend to want to enlarge and sharpen your images so people will see a little bit better what your subject is really all about and for that you need some imaging software to help you out. Adobe Photoshop or Elements are two common programs to help with this Endeavour. The second method is the camera. This method is probably by far the best for grabbing images of any kind giving you the ability to show in a simple way what you have found. The third method is the video camera. This is fun because you can develop the story behind the object and also give many assorted views. Each method has its place and its strengths and weaknesses. On this subject I will focus on the camera.

Most of us have either a digital or a film camera at our disposal. They come in 1000’s of flavors if you are in the market for one, simply go to for the latest in digital photography. With film cameras although I truly believe they are far superior in reproduction of the moment (there are huge debates on this just Google film vs. digital) you’ll need to wait for your photos to come back from the lab in order to see your results. Therefore I can attest that digital cameras are superior for ease of use, and true to the moment reproductions.

In most cases, just taking a picture of your object and placing it on a forum or an online photo album is simple and enough. But there are times that if you want to identify an object that you have found, and need detail this simple method just doesn’t work. Let’s take for instance a penny I have here.

This penny is under normal magnification of my camera. But with simple low cost lenses you can get from any camera store or online store, you can magnify these images even further. And the nice thing about these simple lenses is that they screw into the front of the lens of you camera (fitting virtually all cameras from simple digital cameras all the way to the digital SLR’s). They also screw into each other magnifying even further.

Below you will see the differences these lenses can achieve.

This is +2 magnifications from the first photo

This is +4 magnifications from the first photo

This is the +4 and the +2 lenses together.

This method achieves two purposes. The resolution of the picture is a lot better than just using Photoshop to increase the pixel images (you can only increase this so far in Photoshop) and if digitally enhancing is something you want to do (using Photoshop) this increases your ability 10 fold!

The ability to bring into view a date much clearer is enhanced by the initial magnification.

Several manufacturers have theses lenses on hand.

So show off your finds! Get that great relic ready to show what it’s really made of! Let people see what you have! A nice photo will make it all that much better!

Author: J.J. Antonetti

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  • Roy R Says:

    Great article. All I have is a Cannon Elf. It fits in a pocket. Not very good for images such as the penny. Are there any recommendations for something this small.

    If I have to buy something new, only for coins – any recommendatuions that won’t cost an arm and leg.

    Thanks, Roy

  • JJ Says:

    I’m not sure that the Elph has a threaded end on it’s lens but if it does the tiffin that I mention in the article should do just fine. Although I do recommend that a digital camera be used instead of the Elph ( unless I’m wrong I think its a film not digital camera) Most digital cameras are a preference to the user. If you are used to and like the Canon name, then any digital Canon will do the trick most come with threaded lenses so this would be perfect with taking close up pictures. I do recommend that you use a tripod so that you can eliminate shake for a longer duration exposure. I hope this helps!


  • Julie Says:

    Excellent article. It was just what I needed to start showing off my ‘meager’ finds.

    Thank you for posting this. I love this site!!!!

  • Terri Says:

    Well done.

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