Welcome to DetectorBase.com!


We would like to welcome everyone to the official launch of DetectorBase.com! Our primary goal is to provide article rich content to the metal detecting community written by the experienced hunters. We want to provide veteran experiences and how-to’s to the novice, and to inspire all to become more productive and successful with their hunting.

There are many metal detecting sites on the internet and we hope to break away from the pack by providing great up to date content. Along with content, we want to include community inner activity. All visitors will be able to rate and comment on articles.

Staying current with what’s going on the site is a snap with our RSS syndication feed. Want to include a piece of DetectorBase.com to your personal web site or blog? This can be done with our content widget!

As the site grows we will be implementing new features and sections, but wanted to start with what’s important, the stories. And to do this, we need your help. We need your how-to’s and experiences. Right now, we’re offering a submissions contest, where the winner will receive a brand new Vibraprobe 560 pinpoint metal detector (list price of $119.95)!!!! Winner will also have their article set as the feature for a full month. You can get more information by visiting the article submission site. We will be offering more contests and give giveaways, so check back often!

We’ve already mentioned that we’re promoting community inner activity, so along those lines, we’ve added a forum and user submission areas. We encourage all users to post events, clubs and club news to our site.

We’re all extremely excited about the site, and welcome you to come on the ride!!


4 Responses to “Welcome to DetectorBase.com!”

  • Jack White Says:

    this site is a great resource. Thank you!

  • Bob Temple Says:

    Hi – what a great site – just want to get on your email list so I do not miss any editions – please add me – Bob Temple

  • DetectorBase Says:

    Hello Bob

    Thanks for the compliment. We’re all very excited about the site, and the overall response has been fantastic to say the least. I think this will be a great FUN site for this hobby!

    You can sign up for the newsletter at the top right column of the web site. We’ve talked about article notification sign up as well as a newsletter, but decided to start with the newsletter.

    Also, you should join the forum. We’re always looking for new members to help contribute to discussions there.

    Along those lines, we’re always looking for articles. So if you have a story, experience, how-to or review to share.. please let us know!

    Again.. thanks for stopping by!

  • Roy Says:

    Great site! I’m looking forward to more articles and pictures. Hopefully, there will be some tips on detecting – for amateurs such as myself.

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