Guest Post: VibraProbe 560 Pinpoint Metal Detector Review


For the last ten years of metal detecting I did not use a hand held pinpointer of any kind. For this season, I decided to give one a try. After posting various queries on forums and reading what others had to say, I continually saw this unit mentioned. Originally, I was going to purchase the Sun Ray inline probe, usually mentioned the best pinpointer you can buy, but along with a pinpointer, I might be buying a new machine, and the Sun Ray is machine specific, so I decided to stick with the hand held unit.

After receiving the VibraProbe, I first noticed that the size was larger than what I was expecting. It’s 14″ long, which isn’t a problem, but thought I would mention that. The second thing I noticed is that there is no on/off switch. I myself thought this was a great design. To turn the machine on you point it up for one second. You’ll feel two quick pulse vibrations letting you know it’s on. It will turn off automatically after receiving no signal for one minute. You’ll feel two long pulse vibrations letting you know it’s off.

The unit is also water proof! There is a water tight seal at the heal of the handle. Unscrewing this will allow you to access the battery compartment. It takes a single 9v battery. Overall, this pinpointer is obviously durable. It looks and feels tough in your hand which is an important prerequisite for me. I usually relic hunt, so being out in the woods and rocks things tend to fall and break, and all I want to worry about is my detector, not my accessories.

The depth is shallow, but if you use this as intended (as a pinpointer) you should be fine. This is assuming that you’re an inch or two away from your target before you bring it out. The tip is the only thing that picks up signals. The shaft is not sensitive at all. It also appears to react best with movement. A gentle stirring or tapping motion in your debris pile or hole seems to work the best.

The VibraProbe comes with a sheath and a one year warranty though the manufacturer.

The VibraProbe was created and designed by Treasure Products, Inc. Along with the VibraProbe, they offer the VibraTector 720, VibraPhone 280 and E-Z Swing.

I’m extremely happy with this purchase. I think it’s going to be a great addition to anyone’s detecting tool kit.

Author: Bill J

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